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Klaas Bes - Bes Yacht Design

Klaas Bes has been a naval architect since 1974 and his office is situated in Haren, near Groningen, overlooking the rustique lake Paterswolde.


He started out at Centraal Staal, member of the group (today known as C.I.G) where he got his training as well as the practical experience as shipdesigner-constructor.


The next place was Polymarin in Medemblik, where he was involved in G.R.P.-shipconstruction.


His next port of call was the office of the internationally famed Pieter Beeldsnijder in Edam. Here he learned the tricks of the trade. This naval design house produced from 8 meter sailingboats up till 50 meter ocean going motor- and sailingyachts.


In 1988 Klaas Bes started his own office, now known as Bes Yacht Design. Designs are made for individuals as well as for commercial shipyards.

His main purpose always is to remain an allround architect, designing hulls, exteriors and interiors. Also the technical part as construction plans, deck plans, rigging, keels, rudders, engine- and propellorshaft layouts are made both on the drawingboard and the computer.


Over hundred designs has been launched sinds 1988 including series for the following yards:

  • The Smelne Yachts: motorcruisers from 10 tol 15 meter
  • Vletten from 10 to 15 meter
  • The Slingshot range (fast planing motoryachts) from 14 tol 16 meter
  • Wyboats: Vletten from 7.6 to 10.50 meter
  • Pacific: Cruisers and trawlers of 15 to 20 meter
  • One-off designs: i.e. an 20 meter Schooner
  • A 105 meter Rivercruiser for the river Rhine and Danube


He made, amongst others, the following designs:


  • Motoryachts:Smelne Cruisers, Mistral, Pacific Cruisers, Anker Cruisers
  • Trawlers:Smelne Trawlers, Anker Trawlers
  • Cutters:20 meter One-Off
  • Open boats:Smelne Vletten, WyBoats Vletten
  • Sailingyachts: Waarschip 910, 20 meter One-off schooner
  • Sailing Dinghies:Optimist Oppi, Luuk
  • Passengervessel:105 meter Erasmus
  • Flatbottom:19 meter Groninger tjalk
  • Others: canalboats and tugs